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Lower Silesia - the best place for investments between Germany and Russia

Lower Silesia is the fastest growing region in Europe. We have got the record number of investments, the record number of new workplaces and exceptionally high expenditure on development. Modern economy is becoming our main attribute. We invest in innovation as well as studies and development. We support academic centres. We expand the transport infrastructure. We actuate the development of tourism, including business and curative tourism.

Lower Silesia is located in the West part of Poland and almost in the centre of Europe. It’s the convenient location, an enormous richness in mineral resources, an openness to investors as well as the many centuries of history, being the meeting point of many different  cultures and habits make Lower Silesia one of the most attractive and dynamically evolving regions of Poland.

The best place for investments
Impressive investments
photo: Gazeta Wrocławska

The size of investments in Lower Silesia

In 2017 the amount of investments in our voivodeship was very impressive. For example, the biggest, in the last 15 years in Poland, construction project in Kobierzyce and the first factory of electrical car batteries for the Korean LG Chen consortium in this part of the world were created here. Its value is over one billion euros. There have also been other big investors, such as Daimler in Jawor or multiple Toyota factories dedicated to the auto-moto sector. Our region has also won the battle for the Lufthansa and General Electric consortium in Środa Śląska, where currently the biggest aircraft engine shop (for the newest Boeings used by Lufthansa) in this part of Europe is being built. Another investor is the American internet sales giant  – Amazon, which now has a logistic centre located right next to Wrocław.

Connected to all of Europe

An important factor for the region’s development is a well-functioning and convenient transport system. The road structure is one of the strongest advantages of the voivodeship. The key element of our transport system is being a part of the Berlin – Dresden – Wrocław – Katowice – Przemyśl – Lviv – Kiev route. By the year 2020 there will be more important roads built here, for example part of the Szczecin – Wrocław – Prague route. Rail, air and water transport connects us with all of Europe. When it comes to being attractive to investors, efficient transportation along with a very convenient location between Germany and Russia make Lower Silesia a leader not just in Poland. It also places quite high compared to other EU regions – it’s number 100 out of 275.

Connected to all of Europe
photo: Gazeta Wrocławska