Export information

Most important export markets for Lower Silesia:

Germany - 36 %

Czech Republic - 9 %

France - 8 %

Great Britain - 8 %

Italy - 4 %

China - 4 %

USA, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt - less than 4 % of Lower Silesian export

Lower Silesia - 3rd biggest exporter in Poland

Lower Silesian voivodeship has been one of the three biggest Polish exporters for years, right after the Silesian and Masovian voivodeships. The region is home to a couple of companies classified in the 100 biggest Polish exporters ranking.

The mining industry plays quite a substantial role in the region’s export. 85% of Polish copper and copper objects, almost three quarters of Polish precious stones and metals and products made from them are sent abroad from Lower Silesia. These articles make up a quarter of all export in the region.

3rd biggest exporter in Poland
Main export goods

Main export products of Lower Silesia:

  • copper, copper products, precious stones and metals and products made out of them
  • packaging and plastic products
  • machines and mechanical devices (including coolers, dishwashers and their parts)
  • machines and electrical and electronical devices (including small home appliances, electric stoves, TVs, cameras and their parts)
  • non-rail vehicles and their parts and accessories
  • furniture, mattresses

Value of export

Lower Silesian export relies mostly on big enterprises – the value of the goods sold by them makes up about 65% of the region’s export. But still a very important fact is that around 13% (which is roughly 40 thousand) of micro and small businesses from the voivodeship export their products. It’s the second best result- after the Opole Voivodeship – with the country’s average being 7%. Also Wrocław alone is the second city (after Warsaw) when it comes to contributing to the development of Polish export.

Value of export