Intelligent specializations of the region

The most industrialized region

Lower Silesia is one of the most industrialized regions. In the last few years it increased its competitive position in production of vehicles, computers, chemicals, electronical devices, textiles, metal and plastic products. Our region is also one of the most important centres of development for the IT and internet industries. It also strengthens its role in the national innovation potential.

Resources of useful minerals and innovative technologies (mostly in IT and car sectors) are considered the basis for the voivodeship’s development in the industrial sector. When it comes to the service industry, it’s mostly tourism and curative resorts.

One of the tools that helps with the region’s development is the Lower Silesian Intelligent Specializations, which are the sectors that have a great innovation and competitive potential as well as scientific and technological specializations, which are areas with high implementation and patent activity.

Intelligent Specialisations
Intelligent Specialisations
photo: Gazeta Wrocławska

Lower Silesian Intelligent Specializations include:

  • chemical and pharmaceutical trades
  • spatial mobility
  • high quality food
  • natural and secondary raw materials
  • production of machines and devices
  • material processing
  • information and communication technologies